An insert from my new book ‘Soul Sister’

31 Day Devotional & Journal

Renewing Your Mind and Your Emotions with the Word of God

"Pay careful attention to your own work,

for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done,

and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.”

Galatians 6:4


Are you undefined? The meaning of undefined is not clear, unspecified, or unexplained.  I just described a huge portion of my life. What about you? When our souls have taken on the negative context of this word, it comes with a huge load of ungodly behavior. The biggest ones are comparison, insecurity, and defensiveness. We tend to take on those behaviors when we feel we have no definition for our lives. We are looking for some sort of earthy approval and when we don’t get it, we start to rival each other. We start letting the self and prideful parts of our soul motivate us all because we have bought into the lie of the enemy that we are negatively undefined. My soul sister, I want you to see a different perspective of this word undefined. It’s actually a blessing. When you see it that way, then you won’t have to compare, be in competition, work out of selfishness, or operate in pride.

Here’s a thought for you: “You Are Positively Undefined.” The word define means to explain, expound, interpret, describe, or clarify something or someone. You, my soul sister, cannot be explained or described. You are unexplainable. You are unique. You are someone that no one can remake, and no one can describe. But isn’t that what people do?  They try to describe you. She’s this or she’s that. They say, “let me tell you how she really is.” But no one can do that except God. He is the only one who can define you. Because his thoughts are beyond our thoughts, to us it’s undefined. If someone can define you, then they can label you. If someone can define you, then they can defile you. When you embrace that you carry no labels, when you embrace that you’re too complex for others to figure out, it releases you from comparison. When you embrace how beautiful being undefined is, you’ll never be wondering what others are doing or how they feel about you. You may feel forgotten. You may be looked over. You may not have gotten picked to be a part of something, but that does not define you.


I remember when I was a teacher and we had to go around the room at the beginning of every school year and label everything. Toys, pencils, markers, chairs, cups, everything. But I could only label what I could define. If I didn’t know what it was, then I couldn’t label it. When you are defined, you can be labeled and then you can be compared. The things we wear on our feet are labeled as shoes. Now we can look in the closet and see all the things that are labeled shoes, and then we compare the shoes. “I like these more than these. These go better with this. These are old. These are out of style.” When we allow people to define us, we allow them to label us and then the comparison starts. “She’s too old. I like her more than her. She sings better. She’s godlier. She’s more anointed.” God did not create us to be defined, he created us to be unique. God doesn’t want us to wear labels. The only label he wants us to proudly wear is Child of God. Beyond that, we are undefined.


People tried to label Jesus and it upset them that they couldn’t figure out if he was just a man, a king, a prophet, or the son of God. They couldn’t define him, so they tried to make him earn their definition. If he’s the Son of God, why doesn’t he come down from that cross?  We need to say, “If Jesus resisted the labels, so can I because he lives inside of me.” Embrace being undefined, and let go of the labels and comparisons that come with it.



Think About It

"Oh, don’t worry ; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as

these other men who tell you how important they are !

But they are only comparing themselves with each other,

using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant!”

2 Corinthians 10:12


  1. Pray about how you have struggled with comparison, insecurity, or defensiveness.


   2. What labels have you put on yourself or have allowed people to put on you?


   3. Think about a time in your life when someone compared themselves to you or you        compared yourself to someone else and how you got through it.

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