My heart has been ignited for women because of how I’ve seen women treat women in ministry. We’ve all played a part some way or another because we’re not perfect, but I believe if we become unified and make unity among women a priority in the kingdom we CAN and WILL see healing and change. My small piece to this cause might just make a slight shift but I want to boldly play my part in bringing women closer together in the kingdom. Soul Sister Sunday is one of those avenues to make this shift happen.

SoulSister Gatherings are where we come together, love each other, encourage and challenge one another, lift each other up, and have fun. We are a band of Sisters who are conquering our journey of life. Soul means life. We are life sisters. We are sisters who don’t judge how we handle life, we encourage how to handle life. We lend a loving and helping hand and remind each other that we are not alone on this soul journey. We are sisters who challenge each other to be mindful of what we speak over ourselves and others. And we Know that Christ has made us beauty from ashes. We strive to live emotional healthy lives and push each other to rise up to our purpose.

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