“Find your voice;

let it fly”

TiaMarie Arnold is happily married to her best friend and loving husband Jeffrey Arnold, Jr., and is a mother to two adorable children, Josiah and Megan. After Jeff and Tia got married Tia was immediately thrust into full-time ministry.  Nine months later she learned she was going to become a first time mom; Marriage, Ministry, and Motherhood all within the first year. This was not easy for Tia, to say the least. She was about to learn how to become one in marriage, lead in ministry, and prepare for motherhood. There were many challenges, moves, mistakes, and obstacles along the way. Her mistakes started to cause her to doubt who she was in God, and the obstacles started to make her question her faith. Nearly 2 years after Josiah was born, little Megan came into the world.  Then Tia learned Josiah had brain scarring; he was diagnosed with Autism and had developmental and speech delays.

Life suddenly became difficult for Tia.  She thought she had done everything right and had honored God the best she knew how, but it seemed to be never enough.  She was constantly trying to earn love from God, just as she did everyone else.  Her trying and pushing put her and Jeffrey in a place where they were no longer in love and, as a result, their marriage was falling apart.  She doubted herself as a mother and fell into a long season of depression and spiritual identity struggles that lasted a few years.  In 2014, life changed for her and Jeffrey.  They began a spiritual journey of finding the truth about Jesus, the promises of God, and their true identity in Christ for themselves.  Tia wanted to truly experience the unfailing love of God because she knew there was something more.  She knew deep down God wasn't mad at her but, in fact, was in love with her. This led her to search for the truth in the Word of God.  It was on that journey of truth that God revealed his love, grace, and truth to her, and she shared it with Jeff.  The Word of God became so real and alive to them; Jesus revealed Himself to them like never before.  Scriptures they had read over and over again suddenly took on new meaning.  Their faith strengthened, their true identity in Christ was revealed, and their marriage started to heal.  The more they understood the true grace of God and their right standing with Him, the more they began to walk in grace with each other.  There was a deeper desire to come together and discuss the Word of God and worship God by leading themselves and others into the presence of God. Tia is now speaking at events and traveling as co worship leader with Jeff and Tia Arnold Ministries. 



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